The best neighborhoods and areas to sleep in New York: my advice

New York is boundless, and everyone knows that. When planning a trip to the largest city in the East Coast, it is crucial to choose a well-located hotel and I assure you that the areas that can be considered “optimally positioned” are so many. So it is not necessary to fossilize around Times Square.

Reasoning for those who go to New York as a tourist , you have to put in your head that “things not to be missed” are scattered between Manhattan, some neighborhoods of Brooklyn, some gem in Queens and the Bronx and Staten Island just for those who already have a good experience (or maybe takes particularly to visit the less touristic borough of the city). This makes it clear that, moving with the subway, what matters is having a subway station not far away, not being an hour away from Midtown Manhattan and spending the right (help!).

Now let’s look at some areas that I have had the opportunity to test on my many trips to New York (I never get tired of going).

  • 1 Midtown Manhattan
    • 1.1 The ideal neighborhood for those who want to be in the heart of the sightseeing tour
  • 2 Chelsea, Manhattan
    • 2.1 The ideal district for art, history and location
  • 3 Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    • 3.1 The ideal neighborhood to be outside the box
  • 4 Greenwich Village and West Village, Manhattan
    • 4.1 The ideal neighborhood for tranquility and authenticity
  • 5 Upper West Side, Manhattan
    • 5.1 The ideal neighborhood for families
  • 6 East Village, Manhattan
    • 6.1 The ideal neighborhood to be away from sightseeing
  • 7 SoHo & Tribeca, Manhattan
    • 7.1 The ideal district for culture and shopping


Midtown Manhattan

The ideal neighborhood for those who want to be in the heart of the sightseeing tour

best midtown hotels

Midtown Manhattan is the neighborhood that stretches from what may be considered its heart, Times Square. The area is quite large and includes areas of total chaos (Times Square and the immediate surroundings), quieter and more anonymous areas (Hells Kitchen), pleasant areas (Brynt Park and Herald Square) and the fashionable Fifth Avenue.

Why go

Midtown has the great merit of being probably as unspeakable as the “most central center” of Manhattan (excuse the pun). In addition to being undoubtedly impactful, with its lights, its skyscrapers and its shops, here you have everything at your fingertips and just a few minutes on foot or by subway to reach most of the main attractions. If you have a good budget to spend you can aspire to very chic hotels.

Why not go

The whole area does not have its own soul because it is really too commercial and touristy. I do not deny that many of the main attractions not to be missed are in these parts but I am convinced that there are definitely cooler neighborhoods to stay.
The streets are chaotic, the restaurants are more touristy and the less expensive hotels are often very vintage (to put it mildly): I have not slept in Midtown for years. Too expensive and without personality.

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Chelsea, Manhattan

The ideal neighborhood for art, history and location

chelsea new york hotel

Chelsea is one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of New York, if I can try to stay here (or Williamsburg) because it is a very pleasant, practical area with a strong personality. What once was a gray neighborhood born on the spoils of a severe industrial crisis is now reborn and houses the city’s best art galleries, cafes, markets and the High Line.

Why go

For an authentic and fulfilling experience, even for the accommodation area. Chelsea is lively, true and does not need to appear. Going out in the evening you will find many bars where you can have a drink, you can walk in the mornings of the weekend without getting overwhelmed by the crowd.

Why not go

I can not find a real reason not to go: maybe because all the accommodations are already full? Joking aside, the area is obviously very expensive (to find one that is not in New York you have to go to the suburbs) and hotels are often not brand new. But I would go anyway.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The ideal neighborhood to be outside the box

williamsburg best hotels

I immediately play my other favorite neighborhood, I’m talking about Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Even this area, like Chelsea, was reborn after decades of neglect: here there were factories, it was an industrial area; today everything has been restored, leaving this soul intact. Williamsburg is the hipster neighborhood of New York, a few big chains, many shops and bars.

Why go

Among the most central areas, Williasmbug is perhaps the most authentic one, given its marked refusal to adapt to the rest. Among eccentric bars, markets and breweries, Williamsburg kidnaps the heart of those who are not hunting for tourist attractions. But it’s really very close to Midtown and a few minutes away by metro is in Times Square. Prices are not low but much better than Midtown.

Why not go

I do not know, maybe if you do not appreciate the soul a bit ‘alternative and underground neighborhood, if you want the metro station under the hotel maybe Williamsburg is not for you. But I love it!

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Greenwich Village and West Village, Manhattan

The ideal neighborhood for tranquility and authenticity

sleep greenwich village

The adjacent Greenwich and West Village are home to celebrities, New York University students and artists from every field. A pleasant area, much quieter than others in Midtown and full of bars, cafes and boutiques. In addition to being mandatory to visit, it is also really good to be your home.

Why go

These neighborhoods are beautiful, relatively quiet and still very practical to visit the rest of the city.

Why not go

The high price is always one of the reasons that discourages more, for the rest here it is really good.

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Upper West Side, Manhattan

The ideal neighborhood for families


The Upper West Side of Manhattan is one of the quietest areas of the district: it is very pleasant and relaxing to walk through its wide streets surrounded by typical brownstone brick buildings .

Why go

The Upper West Side is elegant and quiet, close to museums like the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park.

Why not go

Prices are on average very high, both for accommodation and for eating. If you are hunting for nightlife this neighborhood is not for you.

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East Village, Manhattan

The ideal neighborhood to be out of sight seeing

new york hotel tips

The East Village, located just east of Greenwich Village is probably one of the city’s most multi-ethnic neighborhoods, shaped by the strong immigration of Europeans (and others) of the first decades of the 20th century. Remained for decades on the edge of the city, almost never included in the tourist itineraries, the East Village is very appreciated today while remaining very authentic.

Why go

The East Village has several bars and clubs to spend the evening, it is well located and fairly quiet.

Why not go

You will have to take the hotel not too far from the subway (if you move with that), or walk there!

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SoHo & Tribeca, Manhattan

The ideal district for culture and shopping

soho best hotel

SoHo and Tribeca are two neighborhoods that can not miss in your itinerary. You have to go and get lost on their streets because there are no great attractions to visit but it is nice to walk through cobblestone streets topped by cast-iron buildings.
I only stayed in Soho once and I must say it is a very good solution, maybe less peaceful than others and maybe even slightly less practical.

Why go

They are neighborhoods rich in culture, especially TriBeca and also ideal for shopping, especially SoHo. With the subway you can easily reach every corner of the city.

Why not go

SoHo is full of tourists who crowd the beautiful boutiques of the area until closing time. Prices are high but this is a constant everywhere.

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