The basic kit to survive in New York City: what to take on a trip to New York

Visiting New York is not complicated at all, certainly it is much easier than going to Rome.
The city is big, great and there are so many things to see and visit but with a little pre-start study and a little kit to survive once there, you will see that there will be no major problems.

A few days ago I came across a post that talked about a girl who had gone to New York to spend a few days and had decided to get lost , without planning anything. History probably invented but trying to leverage that feeling of freedom that typically goes with the concept of travel.
Being a free spirit “is definitely cool” but is it really so nice to wander randomly?

Planning a trip , as well as being a really interesting moment, also gives you the opportunity to understand what you want to see, no one forces you to climb the Top of the Rock, I foremost say that to visit Little Italy in Manhattan is definitely better if you go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx (and I doubt you get there without, where you find the real Italy.) It is not necessary to visit the most tourist attractions to appreciate New York, but spending 5 days wandering is lost for me.
Take a day of total freedom , lose yourself in a neighborhood but do not go to New York without having any idea what you are doing.

Obviously if you have one month available, the subject changes!

Sorry for this digression but read some bullshit, written most likely by someone who has never even been in New York a little ‘smile. So let’s go back to the survival kit for the most incredible city in the world.

  • 1 What to bring to visit New York efficiently?
    • 1.1 1) Sim Card USA (or data promo)
    • 1.2 2) Useful Apps
      • 1.2.1 Google Map
      • 1.2.2
      • 1.2.3 Cups
      • 1.2.4 Citibike
      • 1.2.5 New York Subway – Official MTA map of NYC
      • 1.2.6 Medygo Free
      • 1.2.7 OpenTable
    • 1.3 3) Power Bank
    • 1.4 4) The umbrella
    • 1.5 5) Comfortable shoes
    • 1.6 6) Adapter
    • 1.7 7) A paper map

What to bring to visit New York efficiently?


1) Sim Card USA (or promo data)

The smartphone is certainly one of your great traveling allies. Having access to an internet connection while you are around, so not only wifi that you can find around can be really useful, both to get oriented, to look for useful information (such as opening hours) and also to keep in touch with Italy.
The alternatives you have are basically two: either find a good promo for navigation (and maybe even calls) with your national telephone operator, or buy a data sim directly in the US.

There is the possibility to do it even before leaving, take a look here , but the prices are not always very advantageous.

new york travel kit

2) Useful App

You have a smartphone, you have the data connection, you just have to select the apps that will come back useful on the road. There are an avalanche, as you can imagine, but if I have to say what I usually use in New York I could not forget:

Google Map

The timeless google navigation app that always indicates the best way to travel on foot or by road. If you download the maps before you go it can also be used offline but it loses some of its effectiveness.

Another great app that I use to set routes: I show what to see and the app helps me to get there. It is necessary to download the map of the city of interest.


Having access to discounts on coffee and drinks around the city can be useful and fun too. I tried it and it works!


Bike sharing rages everywhere and New York is no exception: this can be a solution to rent the bike in a practical way and without cheating. Take care in the street!

New York Subway – Official MTA map of NYC

The official app of the New York subway, just an integration to Google Map.

Medygo Free

I would not do the paranoid but it can be useful (I hope not!), With this app find matches between the drugs of your country and those abroad.


OpenTable is now a must wherever you are, even in Italy. With this app you can know the restaurants that are close, look for those that could do for you or have heard of, have access to their reviews and finally book your table. Simple and fast!

3) Power Bank

With all these apps the battery of your smartphone or tablet does not have an easy life. It thus becomes essential to bring a good power bank to recharge as needed. Of course, do not forget the cable!

Here’s a good one , here another one!

4) The umbrella

Unfortunately, the rain is always lurking in New York, whatever the season you’re in. It can be so useful to bring those resealable umbrellas into the bag that take up little space and avoid the loss of time of having to look for it.
It happened to me last time in Las Vegas, rain all day and almost impossible search for an umbrella! In New York you will also find street vendors at the first raindrops.

5) Comfortable shoes

Unless you are indestructible, I would avoid walking all day with shoes that are not fit for purpose. I do not say you have to bring those for trekking but at least have a sort of shock on the heel. No to those flat converse style.

6) Adapter

Do not forget it because you need the adapter to use and charge your devices!
Here you find the single plug for the USA
Here the generic one

7) A paper map

I always love to shoot even with a paper map where I pinned here and what I would like to visit. In my basic kit never miss the map of New York and its streets but also that of the subway that uproarious to destruction.


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