How to choose the best travel insurance for the United States

A few years ago, the market for travel policies in Italy included very few intermediaries and companies: there was little choice and almost no information about it.

I know it well because when I had to sign my first travel insurance for the United States I had found very little information and I had entered into a very expensive product that today does not even exist anymore (the brand was acquired and destroyed by one of the big ones).

Today the situation has changed, I was the first to want to find more information on this type of products, to try to collect the best and ask for discounts to companies and intermediaries: today they do my very same things many other sites but I have in the meanwhile I had the desire and the strength to specialize myself, becoming an insurance consultant registered in the single register of intermediaries held by IVASS.

  • 1 Too many travel insurance, so much confusion!
  • 2 Where to buy the best travel policies?
  • 3 Tips for choosing the best travel insurance
    • 3.1 Read the Information Package for travel insurance
      • 3.1.1 Exclusions and conditions of insurability
      • 3.1.2 Compensation ceilings
      • 3.1.3 Deductibles and overdrafts
    • 3.2 Glossary terms insurance
    • 3.3 Important information to be evaluated
      • 3.3.1 Pre-existing diseases
      • 3.3.2 Start and end of travel policy coverage
      • 3.3.3 Entrusted only to experts

Too many travel insurance, so much confusion!

Do you know how many travel insurance products can be found online right now? Really many, I would dare to say too many; so numerous that everyone gets confused. Precisely for this reason I decided to study them and collect those 3 or 4 that I consider the best.

In addition in this post I would give you some tools to make your choice consciously , mind that the policy travel policy is essential when you go to the United States, do not do it risk very stupidly because today with a few tens of euro you make sure for good!

Where to buy the best travel policies?


Click here to see the policies I have chosen and the discounts I have obtained for you!

Tips for choosing the best travel insurance

We assume that the products that I have chosen are valid, so remaining among these you can not be mistaken that much. But it is only right to understand and know the insurance policy before proceeding to a stipulation so that you know what you are buying and once you travel can understand (orientation) what you are entitled or not.

In addition to my help, which I always provide for free and without any commitment (I am repaid by any commissions on products) [you can contact me via WhatsApp at 392 249 6806 or via email to], you will also have to learn to evaluate , at least roughly, a travel insurance product. How you do it? Simple:

Read the Information Package for travel insurance

I start by saying that unfortunately, multi-risk travel insurance is one of the most complex insurance products to understand: this is because, precisely, they ensure many different risks: assistance, medical expenses, baggage, accidents (understood as compensation), cancellation , rc, …

In the information package there is everything you need to know, except “how the company will handle the accident”. that unfortunately you find out later and that’s why it is good to rely on the best.
Returning to the file you will notice that this is less complicated than what you expected, is divided into sections (one for each coverage): then Assistance, Medical Expenses, Baggage, Cancellation … each usually corresponds to a section (A, B, C … ) sometimes two covers are included in the same.

Exclusions and conditions of insurance


One of the most important things to evaluate, if not probably the most important, concerns exclusions and conditions of insurability or the cases in which the coverage does not operate (exclusions) and who is insurable (conditions insurability).

The exclusions are both general, therefore they apply to all the sections, both particular and integrative for the specific section. Similar discourse for insurance conditions.

Always check this information well as they make the difference.

Compensation ceilings


The ceilings are important but it is useless to have super ceilings if the company does not compensate.
Who travels in the USA knows that in order to fit a policy must have a ceiling of at least 750.000-1.000.000 € for medical and health expenses: some policies have the “unlimited” ceiling which does not mean much because the maximum days of hospitalization, then over a certain amount the ceiling is ok. Unlimited is just marketing, it is not something that penalizes but it is not even a plus.

Deductible and uncovered


They are that portion of the risk that remains the responsibility of the insured. They have to be low, much better if they are not there, especially for medical expenses and assistance.

Glossary terms insurance


I leave you with a small review of insurance terms that you can find by reading a file (where among other things are always specified)

Maximum : the maximum obligation of the insurer for the claim of a specific guarantee

Deductible : amount deducted from the indemnifiable damage that remains the responsibility of the insured (therefore it will not be paid by the insurer)

Damage indemnifiable : damage determined according to the conditions of the policy, without considering any discoveries, deductibles and ceilings.

Prize : the price that the Contractor pays to purchase the guarantee offered by the insurer. The payment of the prize is
guarantee effectiveness condition.

Subrogation :: the right of the insurer who has paid the indemnity to replace the insured in the rights to the third party.responsible, if the
damage depends on the unlawful act of a third party.

Important information to be evaluated

Pre-existing diseases


The policies that I promote never cover any previous conditions, contact me for further information

Start and end of travel insurance coverage


All policies promised to be signed before the subject leaves Italy and coverage must begin the day you leave the country and finish when you return.
If you have already left, contact me to find an alternative solution.

Trust only experts


I see a lot of people online who become an insurance broker: as well as being a crime, it can also lead the customer to the stipulation of an inadequate product.
I am an insurance broker, registered in the RUI at number B000542111.


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