Does contraception taint the possibility of having a child?

Some women tend to be anxious especially when they have been taking contraceptives for many years. They wonder about their chances of having a child. It is important to note that the cycle will return to a classic operation.

It is possible to get pregnant quickly after this contraception

The choice of contraception should be made according to your needs , but know that the different methods will not have a negative impact on your cycle. The latter will have the opportunity to return to traditional operation. This will allow you to conceive a child, but patience is sometimes necessary. Indeed, after stopping, you may not have the ability to get pregnant the first few weeks.

Doctors suggest you wait almost two months before attempting this pregnancy

It may be wise to wait a few weeks, but some women may for example get ovulation seven days after stopping the pill. Health professionals share some recommendations regarding this desire for a child. They believe that it is necessary to wait almost two complete cycles to consider pregnancy . As a result, you may have a child two months after stopping this contraception. The delays are not universal, because some women will have to wait almost a year to establish a pregnancy while others will have more chances.

Generally, you only have to wait almost six months to hope for a child

According to some studies found on the web, nearly 75% of couples were able to fulfill their wishes in less than six months . In the most complex cases, it is wise to wait around one year, but this is usually 12% of women. Other factors enter this equation since the decrease in fertility is real because of age. The longer you wait, the more difficulty you will have in considering pregnancy. It is also better to chase away all negative emotions such as stress or anxiety, they can really hinder your chances of success.


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French Little Ice Cream Bellefontaine Makes Her Way At The American Giant HEB | Forbes France

In France, to sell your products in supermarkets, it takes years, investments are very different and you have plenty of time to go bankrupt before you notice


Do you imagine going to the Monoprix in your neighborhood with Tata Simone’s lemon pie and ask the store manager, who of course immediately opens the arms and shelves of his store, then those of the whole chain?

What would you say to young talents who want to go to the USA as you do?

Lucienne Duforets

You do not have to be motivated to come to the USA. You have to be DE-TER-MI-NÉ!

Your project must be mature and built. Success does not happen alone, you have to work hard and not get discouraged. It is also very lucky.

If I had listened to my surroundings, I would never have done anything. So trust your instincts and ignore conventional wisdom. One example is that getting an American visa is too complicated. False and arch-false. If your project is smart and credible, getting an investor visa takes very little time. My interview lasted 4 minutes top chrono!

Another thing: do not come to the USA because it’s fashionable. All French people want to come to America and all Americans dream of coming to France. So only come if it makes sense for your business

You won the HEB contest, what are the next steps for your brand?

Lucienne Duforets : This contest is the Texas miracle that continues. This victory will allow me to enter more than 200 supermarkets in Texas alone and halve the retail price, which will have a huge impact on future sales.

By offering me this prize, HEB also offers me the unconditional support of its teams ( sourcing , marketing, technical, logistical, financial and legal) in this, for 5 years minimum.

They decided to bet on the success of Bellefontaine , and began to promote at their own expense the brand in the media, etc … Bellefontaine will perhaps take over from Tony Parker, who has long embodied the emblem HEB in their ads ? Who knows ?

In return I must honor this opportunity that only happens once in the life of a company and so quickly. So again I roll up the sleeves.

The mediatization of this competition has also allowed to be noticed by other American juggernauts of the distribution. At this moment it’s madness!

Today, to advance and secure each stage of the growth of my company, the new challenge and the priority is to find funding to invest much larger premises in order to cope with future orders.

What do you think the American dream is?

Lucienne Duforets : I can not answer that question very honestly. By cons I can tell you what the dream Texan ….

I know of other glaciers that have settled in Florida or other states and have unfortunately failed very quickly. Here in Texas, there is an energy that I have not found anywhere else in the USA. The sense of hospitality and mutual help. A joie de vivre and a lot of simplicity.

The first question you are usually asked here is ” Tell me your story ” and the second one is always ” H o w can I help you ? “.

The company culture here is very different. People are proud to help you and contribute to your success as your success becomes theirs. In France we are absolutely not used to that. It’s a real culture shock. A positive shock! a shock that feels good!


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Should the tax wedge be eliminated that benefits the employees of large companies? | Forbes France

Do almost what they want


In fact the Urssaf have been applying tolerances for years. Thus for gift vouchers, it should not exceed 5% of the monthly ceiling of social security, or 166 euros.
But the calculation is done by event. Urssaf authorizes the donation of gift vouchers for births, weddings, mothers ‘and fathers’ holidays, back to school, Christmas, but also the Saint-Nicolas … One limit: that the employee is concerned by the event . Thus the check back to school must be reserved for employees with children attending school.
Another sensitive subject is disguised remuneration in the form of loans. The works council can lend money to an employee or an elected representative in need or even pay his water or electricity bills. The Urssafs control the actual repayment of the loan.

A tax niche at 1.5 million euros

According to a report of the Court of Accounts quite old, this tax exemption costs more than 1.4 billion euros to the state, distributed in the 33,000 or so works councils of the territory.

Several governments have tried to stop it. The most recent was the Minister Michel Sapin in 2016. He had to back down against lobbies including tourism that agitates the specter of the removal of thousands of jobs in tourism.

An amendment to the Draft Social Security Budget for 2019 – already adopted at first reading by the National Assembly – comes back to the charge. It provides that beyond 331 euros per year and per employee (or 662 euros if the employee has at least one child), the amount of assistance will be subject to both employer contributions and income tax. This new device should have emerged from 1 January. But faced with the anger of unions and social tourism actors, the government has decided not to touch the “grisbi” of works councils .

It must be said that the sling of tourism professionals is all the stronger as holiday checks will also cost more next year. But to the providers, this time.

Holiday voucher

Holiday vouchers have been created to help families go on holidays, weekends and leisure activities (sports, museums, opera).

They are published by the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV) which gives them to the Works Council – or to the employer (company with less than 50 employees) – which distributes them to employees. The latter then use these titles to pay for accommodation, transport, catering or even holiday and leisure activities in France, but also abroad. The principle of holiday vouchers is similar to that of lunch vouchers: the employee participates in their payment just like the employer or the works council.

150% increase in holiday check commissions

Until now, issuing a holiday check cost 1% on issue and 1% on use. In fact, the service provider who received the check was reimbursed by the National Agency for Holiday Checks (ANCV) for a commission of 1%. But during the summer, a decree taken without consultation with the professionals concerned increased the commission rate of the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV) on tourism and leisure providers, when reimbursing holiday vouchers. 1% to 2.5%. And this from 1 January 2019. This increase of 150% will affect 200 000 tourism and leisure providers having an agreement with the ANCV.
A decision that could greatly reduce the number of providers accepting the holiday voucher, make it more difficult for companies to accept it and ultimately penalize recipients of holiday vouchers.

The Government finally gave up taxing the subsidies paid by the Works Councils on Tuesday



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New York: location of the films set in the Big Apple

New York has always been the background to the most beautiful stories

Each corner is so surprising and at the same time familiar because it is the location of many films.
We’re not just talking about the Empire State Building in King Kong , or the window of Tiffany on 5th Avenue where Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) had breakfast, but many other places in the Big Apple, the undisputed protagonists of the big screen.

Clearly almost every place in Manhattan and the other Boroughs has been immortalized on film and it is practically impossible to talk about all the locations ( here you find several). Starting from Times Square , not to mention Wall Street , 5th Avenue or Central Park , present in almost every film set in New York, the Big Apple is portrayed in every corner and this takes us even more passion and desire to visit it.

But New York is not as it appears in the movies … it’s much better!

Here are some of the most interesting places in NYC-based films.

Serendipity 3



225 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022, United States

Surely you will remember Serendipity , one of the most romantic films set in Manhattan. The place where Jonathan and Sara go after having a fight for a glove from Bloomingdale’s (1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and Lexington Ave) is Serendipity 3 , very famous not only for this film but also for being in the Guinness Book of Records for the expensive dessert from $ 1000. The Serendipity 3, open for more than 60 years , has always enjoyed a certain notoriety, not only because locations of movies and TV series (such as Gossip Girls and Girls) but also because it has always been frequented by the likes of Andy Warhol , Marilyn Monroe and Jaqueline Kennedy .

Holly Golightely’s apartment


 169 E 71st St, New York, NY 10021, United States

Breakfast at Tiffany is perhaps one of the most famous films shot in the Big Apple. In the film based on the short novel by Truman Capote , Manhattan is the background to the crazy life of Holly Golightely, played by a beautiful Audrey Hepburn. His messy apartment where she and Paul meet for the first time is at 169 E. 71st St.

Katz’s Delicatessen


205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002, United States

Another symbol of the romcom set in New York is Katz’s Delicatessen . Their specialty is pastrami , a dish from Eastern Europe based on meat and spices that is very popular in the States. In this place was shot one of the most famous scenes of Harry I introduce you Sally , remember?



American Museum of Natural History



Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024, United States

The Museum of Natural History is certainly not famous just because of the movie set Una Notte al Museo . With over 36 million pieces, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the most important in the world. In the film Ben Stiller finds out thanks to his work as custodian of the great secret of AMNH: during the night everything comes to life and every work and installation inside it comes alive creating frantic and fun situations. In reality the museum is not so lively and chaotic but it is not less interesting for this.
The protagonist of both the film and the museum is the skeleton of Barosaurus , located at the entrance and 17 meters high. The museum as well as having great cultural relevance is also very technological and interactive; this is the visit even more informative and entertaining, even for the little ones.

Riverside Park



Upper West Side, New York, United States

Riverside Park is a magical place for the most romantic, famous because it is the setting for the final scene of C’è Post @ for you . This park overlooks the Hudson River , the river that separates Manhattan from New Jersey. It is not surprising that it was chosen as the location for the kiss among the protagonists: in addition to being very impressive for its position and its view, the park is teeming with colorful flowers . Manhattan is the perfect backdrop to this romantic love story, for example the small and characteristic Kathleen bookshop is located at 100 W 69th St and today is a laundry.

new york set movie

The Riverside Park in New York

Hotel Plaza



768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States

Even the beautiful Hotel Plaza was set of countless films like Mum, I replied the plane, I got lost in New York , where our Kevin meets the current president of the United States, My Best Enemy , The Great Gatsby , not by chance there is a room dedicated to Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, Insomnia d’Amore , Nude Walk In the Park and many others. This sumptuous palace was built at the beginning of the 20th century on 5th Avenue and since then has been a place of history, cinema and literature.

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What to See Near New York: the best lesser-known excursions

Many of you write to us for advice for short trips out of town from New York City (remember in this regard that for this type of request there is a private group on Facebook , do not write us a mail because we can not answer).
When you are lucky enough to visit the city for more than 5-6 days, it is normal that you feel the need to see something more ” provincial “.

Let’s be clear, New York does not represent the United States , it is a real world apart and having the chance to get an idea about the American province can be very interesting and allows you to capture some aspects of the country that can remain hidden in the chaotic rhythms of New York.

The most popular trips are those directed to the Niagara Falls , always very popular combination although they are not very close, and those that lead to discover another of the great metropolis of Northeastern USA. Many opt for the nearest, Philadelphia , others prefer Boston or Washington DC . Combining another big city with a visit to New York is easy to organize thanks to the many train and bus connections.

  • 1 Hoboken
  • 2 Fire Island
  • 3 Breakneck Ridge
  • 4 Woodstock

Today, however, I would like to analyze some destinations near New York a little less traveled by tourism , small corners of America more or less close that can give an authentic experience.







This can not be considered a real trip, also because it is reached in a few minutes of PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) from Manhattan. But it has the merit of giving you another perspective on the city of New York and to let you know the life of a suburb that, despite being crushed by the beauty and fame of what lies beyond the Hudson, can have its own soul well distinct.

We are in another state, New Jersey , and the city clearly shows signs of a strong immigration of our compatriots. Among the reasons that push so many people to cross the river for a trip to this town there is the pastry shop managed by Buddy Valastro Jr., the so-called Boss of the Torte that own Hoboken’s workshop and store. Carlo’s Bakery is located at 95 Washington Street.

One of the most famous Italian-Americans in the world, Frank Sinatra , was born in Hoboken. If you walk up to 415 Monroe Street , home to one of the greatest voices in history, you’ll find a star very similar to Hollywood Boulevard in California.

After this walk through the streets of the town, I have been there in the morning so as to organize a breakfast + tour of Hoboken, it is time to move along the banks of the river to enjoy the wonderful skyline of Manhattan .
Along the Sinatra Drive you will find many point views where to stop for a relaxing break and to take some picture postcard.

Fire Island



Very popular trip among New Yorkers, especially on summer weekends when it is filled with people ready to party in many clubs and also welcomes a large part of the gay community of NYC.
The ideal time to visit is definitely the end of summer – early autumn or late spring, maybe not during a weekend, when even taking a ferry can be complicated.
Taken outside the noisy summer weekends, the island is really pleasant and offers wonderful moments of relaxation as a break from the noise of the metropolis.

Fire Island is a narrow strip of land that is located south of Long Island (another super tour of which today we will not speak) and that in summer can also be reached by the Long Island Rail Road that leaves from Penn Station, Manhattan to which a shuttle is paired to reach the Fire Island Ferry. For information see

Since it is protected under federal law, the Fire Island National Seashore, for the most part, can not be traveled by car.

Breakneck Ridge


If you are looking for some wild nature not too far from the NYC, you might think of a trip to Breakneck Ridge . You can reach the place either by Metro North train or by rental car. Organize the trip well, I have been there in the context of an on the road, if you go by train, get very well informed.

The Breakneck Ridge Trail is very interesting, a bit ‘challenging and able to give wonderful views of the Hudson River. Here you will find a video to get an idea of the trail and here some information




Who has never heard of the most incredible festival in history? But you must know that the Woodstock festival was not held exactly here but in Bethel , a town about 60km away. But Woodstock has much more to offer and over time has married very well the hippy spirit that made it famous in the world: today you will find a pleasant town with extravagant shops and clubs.

Reaching it is very simple and practical if you have a rental car (which would allow you to easily visit the surroundings, Bethel and Saugerties). If you can not really hire a vehicle, you will have to rely on a train or bus. The second one is more practical because it leaves from the Porth Authority Bus Terminal and leaves right at Woodstock while the Amtrak train goes down to Rhinecliff and then you have to take a taxi. Both are not cheap, for a / r we start at $ 60 per person.

Walking through Woodstock is really much more interesting than expected, and on Saturday and Sunday the city hosts an interesting antiques market, the Saturday and Sunday Flea Market .


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Interview With Guillaume Declair: Back On The Success Of The 25th Hour And Launch Of Training | Forbes France

Of all the tips you give in your book, what do you think is most important?


Matthieu Chereau

Why ? Because we are constantly moving from one task to another on our computers or smartphones, we are inundated with e-mails and messages that are detrimental to our concentration … Our conviction: new technologies should not overwhelm us of work, but on the contrary to free us from it. We need to learn how to take advantage of it to organize, focus and speed up the pace of work. This is what we wanted to explain in this book.

Of all the tips you give in your book, what do you think is most important?

Guillaume Declair 

For us, the best advice is necessarily the one that entrepreneurs repeat most often because it has proved its effectiveness for a maximum of people. This advice is the power of no: the more one advances in one’s career, the more one is subjected to solicitations, the more one has to say no. But one can only succeed on two conditions: having very clearly defined objectives, and especially forgetting the conventional wisdom that saying no can upset an interlocutor. However, it is the opposite: if we say yes when we do not think it, we will disappoint his interlocutor by his lack of motivation …

Who is this book addressed to?

Guillaume Declair : To all office workers, entrepreneurs as managers. They are the ones who experience the most interruptions and distractions associated with new technologies … but if they learn to use them well, they are the ones who have the most to gain. If we asked start-uppers, it’s because they have one thing in common: that of having a time horizon and very limited financial resources. For them, working fast is a matter of life and death for their company.

Do you intervene directly in a company?

Guillaume Declair : Yes. The very positive reception of the companies surprised us very much: many of us bought the book live in packages of ten to offer it to their employees, and quite a few others contacted us for interventions or trainings: CAC40 groups as SMEs. During these interventions, we give of course directly actionable advice but above all, we try to change the state of mind of the collaborators: useless to work a lot, it is necessary to work above all effectively.

Have you had good feedback?

Guillaume Declair : During the first interventions, we feared the return of the directors or managers … Somewhere, we encourage their employees to work less! But all the returns were very enthusiastic, without exception. In fact, those who call on us are companies with bosses or HRs who have understood one thing essential: to attract and retain the best talent, do not work long hours, they must be helped to be the most productive possible. It is necessary to finish with the received ideas on the link between working time and results obtained.

And what next?

Guillaume Declair : We are three co-authors, but this is not enough to meet the demands of companies … And especially, with our respective businesses, we can not move anywhere in France. We are therefore structuring an offer with stakeholders throughout the territory. If there are interested companies, more information on our website !



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Travel to California in 2019: offers for Los Angeles and San Francisco

If you’ve always dreamed of a trip to California , 2019 could be a good year to satisfy this desire. Traveling without spending a heresy is feasible even though the USA is certainly not a super-cheap destination.

Flights cost less and less, thanks to the arrival of low cost , but at the same time the companies offer less and less in their basic fare: most of the time the baggage in the hold is not included but only the one by hand and it is not possible to choose the place. So, when you book your flight, check what is included in the rate you are buying.

  • 1 In California between January and April 2019
    • 1.1 The flight to California: San Francisco or Los Angeles
    • 1.2 San Francisco in the first few months of 2019
    • 1.3 Los Angeles in early 2019
    • 1.4 Itineraries in California in early 2019

In California between January and April 2019

The period between the end of the Christmas holidays and Easter is usually the cheapest for flights and hotels, which represent a large part of total travel expenses.
I tell you now that the first months (Jan-Feb) I could not define them ideal for a trip to California , but if you do not venture into the mountain parks is absolutely feasible: it will not be hot, in winter San Francisco is lashed by a cold wind and pungent but temperatures rarely go below 5 ° C.

Basically, you can plan your trip based on the time you decide to go.

The flight to California: San Francisco or Los Angeles

I advise you to evaluate the proposals of our two partners: Momondo and Skyscanner . These two portals, for those who do not know them, compare the offers of hundreds of sites (including the official ones of the airlines).
It is not difficult to find flights to Los Angeles or San Francisco for less than € 350 per round trip. If you have the flexibility to be flexible, you will see that the savings will be substantial.

For hotels I recommend , for car rental you can click here and never forget travel insurance !

San Francisco in the first few months of 2019

San Francisco is for me the most interesting city in California, with its being a perfect mix of Spanish and English culture. It takes at least three full days to start appreciating it and not to lose everything its center has to offer.



Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by bike is an experience not to be missed, do it with the cold wind but it can be an almost impossible mission: if the weather is adverse, take a taxi from the bridge to a magnificent view from Marina’s Vista Point .
The neighborhoods not to be missed are:

  • Marina
  • Fisherman’s Wharf (with Pier 39)
  • North Beach
  • Trelegraph Hill (with the Coit Tower)
  • Russian Hill (with Lombard Street)
  • Financial District and Embarcadero
  • SoMA
  • Union Square
  • Castro
  • Mission

Not to be missed are the Alcatraz prison island and the view of the Painted Ladies from Alamo Square Park.

Here our guide in San Francisco

Turning to the climate, as I said the winters are cold but never exaggerate: the only problem can arise from the strong wind that often pulls into the city. Rainfall is more frequent in winter, 7-8 days of average per month in January, February and March; 4 in April.

Month Minimum Average ° C Maximum average ° C Rainy days
January 14 7 8
February 15 8 8
March 16 8 7
April 17 10 4

Los Angeles in early 2019

Los Angeles is boundless, it does not have the classic conformation of the big cities that have a center and the suburbs but it is really spread over almost 1300 square kilometers. There are areas and neighborhoods not to be missed, others to avoid.

los angeles trip 2019

In a reality like this, having a rental car becomes almost essential for travel. These are LAX’s must:

  • Venice Beach
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood
  • Getty Center
  • Bevrly Hills
  • Downtown
  • Universal Studios
  • Santa Monica

It takes at least 3 days for a visit not too thorough in this particular city.

Here our guide in Los Angeles

The climate in Los Angeles is milder than in San Francisco, so it’s an absolutely liveable city all year round: of course, spring and autumn are exceptional times.

Month Minimum Average ° C Maximum average ° C Rainy days
January 20 10 5
February 21 10 5
March 22 12 4
April 23 13 2

Itineraries in California in early 2019

If you leave in the winter I would avoid the inland mountain areas of California, so no Yosemite and surroundings and no Sequoia National Park: you could think of a tour that touches the three big cities of California ( San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego) , push you to the Death Valley (and maybe Las Vegas) and visit the Joshua Tree .
Snowfall precipitation in these inland regions is rare but possible.

Those who start in April have more choices and can also venture to Yosemite and Sequoia (possible winter returns, so be careful!): The Tioga Road, a panoramic road that crosses Yosemite, usually opens at the end of May, then to svalicate towards Nevada needs a longer ride.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco: the most beautiful viewpoints The most famous Little Italy in the United States: a journey in search of Italianness

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How to best prepare for baby's arrival?

The birth of a child often causes profound changes in a couple or a family organizationally and even budget. So both anticipate it better and prepare it well in advance, for example during the pregnancy period. Here are some essentials to consider for a perfect baby home.

Your home


Baby will spend a lot of time at the beginning of his life so this room must be welcoming and have optimal use of every square meter, in short a real cocoon of well-being and calm. Of course, you will have to find him a cradle (for temporary use and a fairly high cost) or even a bed with box spring and mattress protectors, fitted sheets.

Also consider investing in a dresser (which will also act as a changing table) to store your child’s (many) clothes. A baby phone or baby monitor is also a must: it reassures parents. Do not forget it.

Last things to expect: the toys with the space to put them away under penalty of seeing you invaded, a night light but also a good armchair that you will install next to the bed of your child. You will see, it will be of great comfort in case of difficult nights!

The kitchen

Eating is the other big part of your future child’s schedule. You will of course need baby bottles (plan in several) and all that accompanies them as teats, bottle brushes, sterilizer, bottle warmer etc …

Regarding infant formula, you will obviously have to follow exactly the recommendations of your pediatrician.

You can put your child on a high chair to give him his meals, as soon as he is able to sit, that is to say between 6 and 8 months in general. You will have to diversify your meals, the infant milk is not enough anymore. Opt at that time for the purchase of a kitchen robot that will be of great use.

Beware of safety, the kitchen can be a dangerous room for your child. Remember to secure!

The bathroom

Just like you, this room is necessary for its hygiene and care. Only it is not precisely sized for your child. You will have to plan the purchase of some elements.

Let’s start with the bath tub (or bath recliner) made of plastic and specially designed for your child. It is important that the bath water is always between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius, so you will need a thermometer to make sure. Also plan what you need to dry baby and protect him from the cold after bathing.

Buy a body and hair gel specially adapted for young children as well as saline and sterile compresses. Finally do not forget the nail chisel, also the size of your child.

Your future travels with baby

The car

If you own a car, ask yourself if it is suitable for the arrival of your child. For example, if it only has three doors you will be greatly penalized to install your child in the back! Do not forget also that a baby “drags” a lot of material with him so a big chest will be quickly essential. Depending on the number of children, planning a break or space can be a good idea! Opt for a second-hand model to save money, a quick tour of the site La Centrale should be enough to find the model you need at a “sweet” price.

You will need to purchase a car seat specially adapted to baby. For this type of safety equipment, buy only certified and especially new products (a used car seat may be defective, it may for example have suffered an accident without you knowing it). You must never compromise with the safety of your child by car. If you are not sure about different types of car seats, please note that i-size models are recommended. This new classification standard will become THE standard in the coming years. Think about it!


To walk with your baby, you will need a stroller (4 wheels, 3 wheels, etc …) or a pram. It is almost essential to walk with your baby in all places.

For long trips, a changing bag with multiple pockets and compartments containing everything you need will serve you. Also think of protection in case of rain. Many parents, especially younger ones, also opt for the baby carrier. It can be ventral, dorsal or on the side and allows parents (and yes it is also suitable for dads!) To carry his baby while having his hands free.

Other essentials

Prepare the search for your future nanny or reserve a place in a nursery during your pregnancy. This will allow you to make the right choices without being in a hurry. For the choice of a nanny, word of mouth remains an effective means of selection. Be careful waiting lists for crèches are sometimes full especially in large cities.

You already know it (or otherwise you’ll see it soon by yourself): a baby consumes a lot of diapers, which is a relatively large budget. Make yourself a stock of diapers now and chase bargains! Some sites are sometimes priced at (very) broken prices.

Plan a folding bed or an umbrella bed in case your child is sleeping outside your home. He kept a comfortable level of comfort even during holidays or visiting his grandparents!

Finally a camera worthy of the name you will surely be very useful too. Indeed, each parent wants to keep memories of the first days of his child’s life. Prefer quality devices to that of your smartphone because these photos are intended to be shown. You will not have the opportunity to do it a second time …

Among this list, some items do not necessarily have to be purchased new, the second-hand market will offer you opportunities for interesting savings. Also prefer the renting of some equipment in pharmacy or even donations from family and friends. Finally you also have the possibility to create a birth list in which you will have slipped all the essentials that we have just mentioned!

How to best prepare for baby’s arrival? Does this information have more to you?

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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco: the most beautiful viewpoints

The charm of the San Francisco symbol is out of the question, there is little to do and I challenge anyone to say that the Golden Gate Bridge is a bridge like many others. Its bright color (called International Orange ) is set in perfection with the surrounding landscape and the cold waters of the bay. Wonderful to observe on a sunny day but also wrapped in summer fog , a very frequent phenomenon in San Francisco.

I was lucky enough to admire it in late spring , it was the beginning of May and the day was sunny, and at the end of August, with a thick fog that covered the whole bay. I must say that in both cases it was a wonderful experience , even if a sunny day is really the best. Be aware, however, that if you go in the summer months the risk fog, especially in the morning there is.

  • 1 How to visit the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 2 The most beautiful viewpoints of the Golde Gate Bridge
    • 2.1 Crissy Field
    • 2.2 Fort Point
    • 2.3 Marshall Beach
    • 2.4 Battery Spencer
    • 2.5 Vista Point

How to visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Crossing the bridge can be part of the visit but the most exciting thing is certainly to observe it from the various panoramic points scattered close to it. While the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City offers unmissable views just passing by, the Golden Gate is perhaps more spectacular to capture, although I love the Brooklyn Bridge.

To cross the bridge, however, what you need to do to get to the viewpoints in the direction of Sausalito (small coastal town overlooking the bay, to visit), there are several solutions, each has its pros and cons.
If the day allows, you have a few hours of time and a little ‘desire to ride, the ideal is to rent a bike in the Marina area in San Francisco and cross the Golde Gate via Crissy Field : it is a nice ride also because there is a bit of climb to be done to reach the bridge cycle lane and that day there was a very strong wind (which is quite rare).


So, me and my travel companions took these bikes in the morning in one of San Francisco’s many bike rentals (not far from Fisherman’s Wharf), we headed to the bridge stopping at various points, we crossed it and we arrived in cute Sausalito . Lunch based on fish, walk and return to San Francisco by ferry ! Of course you can also return by bike.
With this tour we took almost a day but it was worth it; Consider that you can also be faster and the journey after stops and detours in the various viewpoints is about 45 minutes (Marina – Susalito).

So a hypothetical day can be a bike ride Golden Gate and Sausalito , then visit the area of Marina, Russian Hill (??) and Fisherman’s Wharf and maybe a night visit to Alcatraz, really beautiful but to be booked very widely in advance!

Alternative to the bike is the taxi , a practical and expensive means or there are public transport and here you find the most up-to-date information.

If you are renting a car the journey is even faster, there are parking lots near the vati view point but you need to consider some things: the bridge has a toll that must be paid by those who go from north to south, so who enters in San Francisco. The toll is automated with license plate reading, so either you have the service (usually paid) with your charterer for the charging of the various tolls (ask at the info counter) or you can pay before you pass us (or with a max delay) 48 hours): here you find all the info to pay first, advisable solution.

The most beautiful viewpoints of the Golde Gate Bridge

(not in order of beauty):

Crissy Field

If you come from San Francisco is the first view point that you are on the road, it is a park with a beach: the bridge is not very close but I still remember how beautiful the landscape was that day, the kites flying and behind the Golden Gate! Very beautiful.

golden gate crissy field

Fort Point

Here we are right under the Golden Gate, so a very different point of view from the others. Access to Fort Point is managed by National Park Service, check opening times (if you want to enter and get on the walls, it’s free).

golden gate fort point














Marshall Beach

If you have time, it is worth diverting (and lengthening) to Marshall Beach, a beach with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate, west side.

golden gate beach

Battery Spencer

After crossing the bridge you will find the most beautiful (for me) view, Battery Spencer! I remember an absurd wind but it’s worth it because it gives a complete overview of the bridge.

golden gate battery spencer

Vista Point

Bella also this, is on the other side compared to Battery Spencer but being more aligned to the bridge the view is less spectacular.

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Better understand what credit redemption is!

As an individual, it is not easy to understand the process of a credit buy-back (RAC), let alone if the person has never experienced using this type of financing in the past. The repurchase of loans offers to the individual’s solution to a large number of problems in connection with the family budget.

Of course, we all know roughly the definition of the financial product, and obviously a loan buyback operation has the role of redeeming a number of credits, at least two receivables by the intervention of a single lending institution that becomes after the release of funds and the early repayment of the debts and loans consolidated, the only creditor of the borrower.

Who is the credit redemption for?

Very often when the subject is focused on the topic of the redemption of credits, then, it is said that the purchase is reserved for over-indebted people.

This is false, although the purpose of the credit consolidation is to have the effect of reducing the debt ratio, it is not accessible to client profiles who have reached the fateful notion of being over-indebted. All persons for whom the insolvency is concerned, it remains as only issue the filing of a file with the Bank of France for personal bankruptcy- Helenefrebourg.

Effectively, the credit buyback operation is a refinancing for individuals who are poorly indebted, ie, all borrower profiles that clears the ability to honor the settlement of all monthly payments from the beginning, until ‘at the end of credit life.

How is a credit redemption file analyzed?

When the file does not find favorable opinion with the banks, sometimes the customer has difficulty in the good understanding of the decision of the refusal pronounced!

To put it simply, the analysis makes it possible to have, at the end of the study of the supporting documents of the client (s), the number of sufficient information to determine the viability of the request for repurchase of credit.

The financial analyst of the credit house and your expert broker buyback credit works closely to conclude if the case is a case that rolls until the release of funds (file funded)!

The final decision-making is partly based on the note that aims to target the customer profile in relation to the management of the bank account (s). The file instructed over a period of three months of all statements of accounts.

Then are the charges (receivables, taxes, rent, etc.) and cash inflows (salary, retirement pension, CIF, land income, etc.), but also the expenses as well as their motives? Verification of check and direct debits, or frequency of use of revolving credit (s) (cash and credit card), …