6 Restaurants and Hot Tables to try in New York City

In my last New Yorker I decided to devote myself to food , I had never started with the intent of reviewing restaurants but in view of the writing of my guide in New York (which I hope to complete later this year) I got a nice some laps.

Today I decided to collect 6 hot plates that struck me , considering neither street food nor high catering (which I rarely attend). They are all scattered between Manhattan and Brooklyn, someone in a location that is anything but touristic.
I’m not going to do the Alessandro Borghese on duty, so I will avoid giving votes to the menu and account but rather try to leave my impressions (which are positive on all, since it is a collection of those that struck me).

  • 1 My favorite restaurants in New York
    • 1.1 Katz’s Delicatessen
    • 1.2 Jacob Soul Food and Salad Bar
    • 1.3 The Meatball Shop
    • 1.4 Nathan’s Famous
    • 1.5 The Donut Pub
    • 1.6 Brennan & Carr

My favorite restaurants in New York

Katz’s Delicatessen


 205 And Houston St, New York

The first time I was in this famous hot table I ended up by chance: I was about to go into the East Village but it was already 2:30 in the afternoon and I had not had lunch yet.
I was attracted by the crowd and the vintage sign that read ” Since 1888 “, quite a few years of experience then.

Inside is the typical American Deli , with walls full of signs and various relics, Spartan tables always accompanied by various sauces. The main dish of Katz’s is definitely the pastrami sandwich whose price is now close to 20-25 dollars (I know, it is not cheap but abundant, if you are not too hungry you can divide).
There are two areas, one in which one is served at the table, the other in which one orders the sandwich at the counter and one places oneself on the first free spot that is found. We have always opted for the second solution, so when you enter you receive a colored sheet where you put what you take, at the exit you pay.

The sandwich is really good, super tender meat, decent bread (I would avoid slices of bread). I do not want to say that it is absolutely the best Deli in the city because there are so many (good and even cheaper) but the place is among the most famous Deli in New York, so be prepared for chaos and row.

Jacob Soul Food and Salad Bar

373 Malcolm X Blvd, New York

I was in Harlem with the desire to eat soulful food , so I headed to the main street of the neighborhood, Malcom X Blvd (officially Lenox Ave), for a lunch in the famous Sylvia’s restaurant, which I had tried some time ago after seeing an episode of Man vs Food TV show.
Yet, before entering, I told myself that maybe it was worth trying something else , moreover Harlem is full of restaurants that offer soul food .

I pull out the phone and start looking for something in the neighborhood, I’m attracted to the nearby Jacob : more Spartan air, lower prices and the promise of a great lunch.

We enter, classic local halfway between a hot table and a fast food : the food is paid by weight and you can choose (self service) from a wide range of typical dishes of South African cuisine: macaroni and cheese, fried chicken , crab cake, gumbo, …
Once the tray is done, you pay and sit down: I must say that for what we paid, the quality is really good! It will not be Sylvia’s but here it’s done first and you spend half of it.

The Meatball Shop

170 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Like all consoles that work in the USA, in a short time they become real chains. The Meatball Shop today boasts several stores in the city (especially Manhattan) and a local also in the capital Washington DC.
As a convinced lover of meatballs , I decided to try one of these hot plates, precisely the one located in Williamsburg , Brooklyn.

I took the Classic and I must say I liked it, nice location that goes well with the retro soul of Williamsburg. If you are visiting this charming neighborhood, take a leap that is worth it. The only negative note is the bill, I expected it lower!

Nathan’s Famous 

1205 Boardwalk W, Brooklyn, NY

This is a real institution in Coney Island, even if it is no longer the old lacade of the past but a point of sale of a huge chain that counts thousands of hot tables and supermarkets throughout the country. Whether we like it or not it’s like that, in the United States, if you’re good, it’s easy to become huge, with the risk of losing your original soul.

Rarely frequent fast food chains but here the matter is different, because what is located in Coney Island is the first and historic store where the legend has been created the first Hot Dog in history .
Given the reputation of the restaurant, born in 1916, finding a place to sit on a beautiful summer day is almost impossible, so we consumed our Hot Dog standing.

Really good, no doubt about it but it still remains a hot dog. What makes the difference is the historic location, a real institution in the New York restaurant scene.

The Donut Pub 

The Donut Pub 


The Donut Pub 

203 W 14th St, New York

Between the West Village and Chelsea, in Manhattan, find me the best donuts in all of New York. And to think that on my first trips to the United States one of the very few things that had disappointed me was just the donuts, eaten mainly by Dunkin Donuts .
Today I also like those of the famous fast food chain and I really appreciate those, let’s say, more artisanal , just like donuts offered by The Donut Pub.

The first time I went there in the afternoon, so I ate more for greed than starvation. The next time I arranged to go for breakfast : two donuts and coffee , like Homer Simpson .
If you have accommodation not far away I recommend a breakfast here!

Brennan & Carr

3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY

 I admit that here I went because I was inspired by the program Man vs Food , I had to try their roast beef sandwich . I stopped for lunch after a morning at Coney Island but getting there by the metro was not at all fast (but simple).

We went down to Avenue U , yellow line, from there we go straight to the east for almost a mile, crossing a shabby and not very rich neighborhood of Brooklyn (the northern part of Sheepshead Bay) where we met dozens of clothing shops at bargain prices and other varied commercial activities.
You go there just to try Brennan & Carr (but if you have little time for NYC, I would say it is not worth venturing up to here).

Local easy , really super sandwich I have to admit it. Very good also the chicken wings ordered as appetizer: in my opinion the sandwich should be ordered immersed in the broth and without cheese but it is only my personal taste.
The next time I go to New York I’ll probably go back!

What are your favorite places in New York City?


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